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Extra Income

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  • If Business deal, you got the $$$ money.



  • Value added service at No Cost
  • One stop-solution for all
  • All merchants on fingertips


  • Advertise products and vacancies @ No Cost
  • Pay for result not marketing

Customer / Client / Candidate

User Friendly Website plus Larger Pool of Professional, Expert and Specialist

JACKIE SERVICES has our own user friendly website to list down all our Merchant products in ONE website-a sales portal to ease your searching.

At the same time, we do have a very strong network, contact and relationship with all Merchants. (They are Professional, Expert and Specialist in their own industries to serve you the best.)

Benefits with us:

  1. More choices and options to choose from the best.
  2. One-Stop solution to access to larger pool of our Professional, Expert and Specialist advice and products. (e.g. Authorized dealer etc)
  3. Time saving
    • Online - Instead of visit all the physical shop one by one, we show you all on our website
    • Offline - We can help you to get ACCURATE & LATEST info or advice from different Merchant (Professional/Expert) that we have business relationship with in just a call.
  4. It's all at your finger tips - all our merchant products /items are all shown here.
  5. Well understood of your product - Instead of seeking advice from your friends or colleague on product specification, we listed down all product detail clear and concise here.
  6. Better understanding of market - useful guidance for customer instead of affected by low cheap price. Analyses and make comparison of item in detail at different price.
  7. Value for money - Pay the same or cheaper amount for better quality and service level.
  8. Single contact point - Face to Face dealing ~ Better understands of your needs.
  9. Value Added service (FREE)
    • Negotiate - We help you to get the best price
    • Advice - We help to make the best decision.
    • Comparison - We help you in understand the market better.
  10. Professional advice (FREE) - Instead of looking for a salesman from different background from different company, we will get our expert to consult your lifestyle or business needs.
  11. Comfortable sales experience - Instead of having a wrong decision making on pricing different. We are giving you a thorough view of market price by comparing APPLE to APPLE

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