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Travelling - Company Trip or Group Travelling
  • Is your company planning for a Company Trip?
  • Or,
  • Group of twenty peoples (or above) are planning for a travelling?
  • Or,
  • You have already organized a trip, but need a best quotation to depart.
Then, you have found the RIGHT PLACE to GET the BEST RATE. Please email to us at with below info and one of our representatives will get back to you shortly.
  1. Where is the location you planning to go? Local or Oversea?
  2. When you are going to depart? Any alternative date?
  3. How many days you are looking for?
  4. How many people in total?
  5. Do you want a Luxury trip or an Economic trip?
  6. A tour guide needed or Free and Easy?
  7. Finally, what is the offer you have currently?
  8. Any other comments or suggestions?
If you have already got some packages from other Travelling Agent, then kindly let us know your prefer package, and we will be most easier to quote you a better price. For those package that you have from other Travelling Agent, you may also tell us any changes that you would like to make, and we will get you a CUSTOMISED (tailored made) PACKAGE.


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