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Company Profile/About US

Jackie Services (Advertisement, Sales, Agent & Broker)

JACKIE SERVICES is a new concept company that was established in Penang, Malaysia on 29-Oct-2007.
With innovative ideas - Advertisement, Sales, Agent and Brokerage concept are combined as one. And we are proudly to brand this concept company as JACKIE SERVICES.

Although this is a FRESH & NEW CONCEPT COMPANY in Penang, Malaysia; but we do have EXPERIENCE and a huge and strong NETWORK who are experienced and specialized in dealing with Car, Property, Sales & Advertisement, Travelling, Job Recruitment Solution and Construction Project business.

We work closely with all suppliers, service provider, dealer, merchants, seller, contractors, consultant, negotiator, adviser and customers or clients to GET THE BEST DEAL for both parties (so called seller and buyer).

For customers/clients - You have the dreams or demand, we make your dream comes true and supply your demand.
(Luxury Sport Cars, Elegant Bungalow etc...)

For Merchants/ Seller ĘC You have the products or needs, we help you to sell and fulfill your needs.
(Car, Property, Construction Project Tendering, Advertisement needs, Property Selling etc...)

At here, we work as a ONE-STOP SOLUTION for (B2B) Business to Business, (B2C) Business to Consumers or vice versa. No matter you are a CUSTOMER, CLIENT, single entity (Personal), business owner, company, Multinational Company (MNC) or a Government Agency, we are welcome you to use our service and co-operate for any Business OPPORTUNITY at LOWER COST or NO COST.

Our Philosophy:
SERVICE LIKE NO OTHER - As we believe the power of people

If you are serious about selling; we are serious in helping you.
If you have a dream; we will make your dream comes true.

Jackie Services
600-F, Jalan Batu Jantan, 11500 Ayer Itam, Penang Malaysia.
Tel: 012-4111190

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