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  • Value added service at No Cost
  • One stop-solution for all
  • All merchants on fingertips


  • Advertise products and vacancies @ No Cost
  • Pay for result not marketing

b. Customer / Client / Candidate

1. Browse and navigate our website

  1. You can get wider range of choice offered by a lot of different Merchants and Employers.
  2. You can access to our Merchant EXCLUSIVE offer, discount or promotions.
  3. Find any suitable jobs and submit resume.
  4. Or you can also sell your items to our Merchant. (Contact us for more info)

2. Get our Value Added Service (FREE)
If you are looking for (Jobs, Cars, Properties...... etc)

Please feel free to contact us; Let JACKIE SERVICES assist you in GETTING the BEST DEAL.

  1. Contact us for more enquiries
  2. Share your dreams, needs and demand with us, and we will surely indulge your dream lifestyle.
  3. Appointment for your test drive, house viewing, employer interview
Single contact point
  1. Negotiate - We help you to get the best price
  2. Advice - We help to make the best decision.
  3. Comparison - We help you in understand the market better.

  4. [We are emphasizing on REASONABLE PRICE in BEST QUALITY.]
    As cheap may not be the best price, and expensive may not be the best quality.

3. Feedback
Customer feedback is important and valuable to us.

  1. If a transaction is DEAL,
    1. Please rate our service by providing feedback
    2. All services provided are FREE,
      EXCEPT for Land & Property - We will be charging 1%.
  2. If the transaction is NOT DEAL,
    1. Please let us understand the MAIN REASON on any unsuccessful case. (COMPULSORY)*
Customers are COMPULSORY to fill-up a feedback form for each service they engaged.
*As we need to get your valuable feedback to improve our service quality, and get you another OFFER that BEST SUIT to you.


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