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Extra Income

Unlimited Extra Income Now!!!
Spread the words & refer customers.

  • If Business deal, you got the $$$ money.



  • Value added service at No Cost
  • One stop-solution for all
  • All merchants on fingertips


  • Advertise products and vacancies @ No Cost
  • Pay for result not marketing

How it works?

At here, we work as a ONE-STOP SOLUTION for (B2B) Business to Business, (B2C) Business to Consumers or vice versa.

  1. Merchant - IF you are serious about selling, we are serious in helping you.
  2. Customer - IF you are serious about buying, we will strive in GETTING BEST DEAL for you.

a. Merchant / Employer

1. Publish your item or vacancies with us for FREE

  1. Just call us or email us to open a Merchant Account for FREE.
  2. Our representative will arrange a time to meet you at your office. (To understand more detail on your needs and requirement)

  3. [For account opening, please prepare and submit your business card and application form with company stamp chop]
  4. Our representative will teach and guide you on using our USER FRIENDLY, ON-LINE REAL TIME system for add, amend edit or delete Anytime at Anywhere.

2. We will contact you once there is potential or interested customer, buyer, client or candidate

  1. i. Online - Once there is potential customer or candidate who is interested on your products or vacancies, we will call you to request more info if needed.
    ii. Offline - Our network sales people will introduce or promote your products or vacancies to customer or client based on customer needs and match with those items or criteria that you have posted on our Website.
  2. If the potential customer or candidate are confirmed and very interested, then we will forward their purchase demand or resume for your review, and follow-up closely with them.
  3. We will arrange an appointment with both parties to view Car, Property or an interview for recruitment case.

  4. [At here, Merchant need to be ACTIVELY and SUPPORTIVE in order for us to work closely in closing a DEAL]

3. Pay on result you got (NOT MARKETING)

  1. As for merchant, you only need to pay for the AGREED BASIS PRICING* if the transaction is deal.
    As for employer, you only need to pay for the AGREED BASIS PRICING* if there is a successful hired.
  2. Kindly take note that we will be deduct the portion (50%) of money on each deposit or payment until full the payment is made.
    Example: You are agreed to pay RM300 for a deal business. When customer pays RM500 as a deposit, then we will deduct RM250 at first and then balance in next payment accordingly.

  3. *For Pricing, kindly discuss with our Representative.


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