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Extra Income

Unlimited Extra Income Now!!!
Spread the words & refer customers.

  • If Business deal, you got the $$$ money.



  • Value added service at No Cost
  • One stop-solution for all
  • All merchants on fingertips


  • Advertise products and vacancies @ No Cost
  • Pay for result not marketing

$$ Earn Unlimited Extra Income today!!! $$

Are you looking for a business opportunity? Are you looking to establish your own business?
But do have some concern:

  • Need a big lump sum of capital - (Start-up cost, on going cost)
  • Lack of network, contact or experience
  • Worry about company business sales - Not stable
  • Unstable income stream
  • Pressure for monthly fix cost and expenses
  • Management issue etc...
So, why you need to worry about this or take up this pressure?

At JACKIE SERVICES, we provide you a business opportunity at No Commitment.
  • No working hours
  • No commitment or target to hit
  • No any cost incurred
Just REFER your family members, friends, colleague etc... today
  • ~ Our business is your business - Treat our business as your Own Business.
    You are not work under anyone, we are partner.
  • ~ Work together with us - 1. You got the lead;
    2. Refer to us
    3. We and our merchants will do the rest for you.
  • ~ Takes it easy, EARN as much as you like - just relax and do it by just contact us.

There's no limit on how much you can earn, is just how many people you going to refer and close the deal with us.
No matter who you are, where you from, everyone can be our Partner.

So, what you need to do with us?

  1. Just go on with your normal life and observe every one around you everyday.
  2. Once some one has a need, grabs this as your potential customer (Business Opportunity)
  3. Contact us through phone or email - Refer your friend to us
  4. We will get our merchant to contact and deal with your friend.
  5. If the business is deals, you get Commission $$$ as your Reward.
There is unlimited of people you can refer to us, and you can earn from a few hundred to a few thousand on a single referral depend on business nature.

Afraid of losing advantage, miss the business profit?
Not to worry now! - We offer you a Sales Partner Program:
- Sales Partner Program (Own Sales Network Team)
  1. Just sign up with us for free.
  2. Every people sign under your referral or you refer in are considered as you Team Network.
  3. And the Best Thing is every sale they generated; we are going to pay you EXTRA 1% of their commission. (They will still get full commission.)
So, contact us NOW today!!!
Mr. Jackie Koay
By phone : O12-4111190
By email : or through or Contact us form.

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